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The only Interactive Hanuman Chalisa App with best featers, graphics, audio and UI. Now available on the Play Store!

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Best Interactive Hanuman Chalisa

Take your time to browse through several Hanuman Chalisa Apps available on Play Store and none of them can match the features and quality we have for you.
Our App stands out because it is result of thorough research and tests of our competitor's app as well as our understanding of What an Hanuman Devotee would look for in a Hanuman App.

  • Clean Design
  • Interactive Prayer Screen
  • MultiLingual
  • Hanuman Wallpapers
  • Intereactive Rudraksh Mala
  • Spiritual Instrumental Music
  • Daily Horoscope
  • and Much more..

About AppFeatures

Daily Horoscope

Start your day by checking the Daily Horoscope feature availabe on the App. The App give precise prediction about your day. The prediction is based on the vast knowledge of our well known Astrologers.

Intaractive Prayer Screen

The Intaractive Prayer Screen on Hanuman Chalisa App allows devotees to offer prayers using flowers, Bell, Coconut, Tilak etc. Feel the aura of Hanumanji with the mesmerizing background instrumental music.

Chalisa In Different Languages!

Read the Chalisa in 11 Different Indian Languages. The text is available in 2 different size i.e small and large which makes it easily readable

Hanuman Wallpaper

Make sure you use the App daily because there will be a Free Image every week. You can download and set this image as wallpaper

Rudhraksh Mala!

Use the Rudhraksh Mala on your Mobile. Chant the Mantras while using the interactive Rudraksh screen. A counter is also available at top right of the screen.


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Now available on the Play Store!

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